Take a tour of St. Petersburg, Florida's rich roadside history with this one-of-a-kind, full-color photo book. Inside you'll find 16 incredible vintage signs as photographed by proud St. Petersburg resident and native Floridian, Greg Francis.

Available in two sizes: 7" x 7" Softcover and 12" x 12" Hardcover

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Individual 8" x 8" prints of all the featured signs are also available below

El Cap Restaurant
4th Street North

Kentucky Motel
4th Street North

Biff Burger Restaurant
49th Street North

China City Restaurant
Formerly 4th Street North

Central Avenue

Dave's Restaurant
Formerly 9th Street North

Busch Lounge
Formerly Haines Road

Banyan Tree Motel
4th Street North

Landmark Motel
4th Street North

Venice Motel
34th Street North

Masonic Temple
4th Street South

Sandman Motel
34th Street North

West Central Shopping Center
Central Avenue

Palm Aire Motel
34th Street North

Historic YMCA
5th Street South

World Liquors
Central Avenue